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MAY 19, 2018


Water Stations

There will be 6 water stations serving water and Gatorade located approximately every 2 miles on the course. There will be 4 portable toilets on the course. Front beach has 2 public bathrooms (around mile 4.5) that will be open on the course.

Do not cross the roads to get water at a water station! Water stations will always be on the right side of the road—the side that you’re running on.

Water Station locations: (mile locations are approximate)

  1. Mile 2.1 – 127A and South Street by the Cape Hedge Inn
  2. Mile 4.2 – at the traffic island at the foot of Bearskin Neck
  3. Mile 5.6 – 127A by the old Cape Ann Tool Company building
  4. Mile 7.4 – Story St right before you take a right onto 127A
  5. Mile 9.1 – Broadway before right turn onto 127A
  6. Mile 11.2– 127A across from Laurel Acres

Stay on the ride side of the road! The road is open to traffic, so please be considerate of cars trying to pass you. Don’t run in the middle of the road.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please stay out of the road and make sure that you are running on the right side/shoulder as much as possible. We will have volunteers and race vehicles on the course telling you to stay out of the road—please listen to them! Help keep the traffic tension to a minimum by remembering that all roads are open during the race and that cars will be on the roads too! Do not cross the road to go to a water station on the other side of the street.